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Life Without love is meaningless 

  • Love is beautiful, sweater than any feeling we would ever wish to feel… We give love in order to get it right back, lucky you if you manage to give it to the right person or to the right heart, at time we get into relationship just because we are afraid of being single or just because we wanna show off to friends and everyone else that you can get any body you want, either a guy or a lady, but when love takes root, you can not say no, you can not run or hide from it. 
  • Love would smile you out from the deepest and darkest of holes, from the deepest of oceans and strongest of waves… You would try to escape it if you would dare but you wouldn’t escape coz the feeling is too amazing to ignore. 
  • The best part is finding a soulmate, that one soul you wanna spend the rest of your life with, the one face you wanna open your eyes to, that voice you wanna hear every night saying goodnight my love. 
  • That is the person you would never wanna let go, however hard it is for you to love truly, you will love truly, however bad your patience is, you will have to learn to be patient and secure and you will learn to trust.. 
  • When true love traps your heart… When true love captivates you… You feel whole and get axficiated when that love goes away… When you lose it your whole life becomes meaningless.. You whole point of leaving changes the whole point of looking forward to the rising sun diminishes… You feel empty and lost as i feel right now for loving and losing the most beautiful heart that has ever been… Coz I feel like my heart has literally been ripped off my chest cavity… 

Life is pointless without love and less meaningful when true love is lost… 


By Irving Ceol 

(Dedication to Agnes Lasoi Koikai)