Falling in love wrongly 

So somehow we all end up falling in love in one way or the other, it doesn’t really matter with who or when or where, it doesn’t really matter how stonecold you could be, it doesn’t really matter how hard it is for you to fall in love,it just happens….Just like that,like a flip of an electric switch . 

But love comes with its own misselenious, it could be that we fall for the wrong person, in that, we fall for a girl who is already taken or we fall head over heels with a person who does not love us the same way.

They could end up loving you as just a friend,or just as a person, but not as someone they would like to get intimate with… Sick right.?

This is where love sucks. This is where we all get afraid of opening up to those we fall for, we get afraid of being open enough to express our feelings just because we are afraid of being turned down, afraid of not being loved back, afraid of not being wanted, that is when we swallow our feelings and stuff em deep down our gut.

But that’s not really the worst thing, the worst comes when you keep it buried deep down, when you keep it unexposed, when you can not be able to express it, when you can not look in the eyes of that special person and tell em the simple words of “I think I am in love with you.” And this is because we get afraid of the response, there are only two possible outcomes, rejection or embrace…Or maybe some will tell you that they are not sure of what to do..Probably coz they are in love with you too but are still engraved in some other relationship…

Now that is called bad timing, and most of us find ourselves in this kinda situation,the too late typa position, and the worst is that we can’t really do anything about it.

What can you do…


What can you do…?

And when you persist you will get that crazy question “how would you feel when the person you are really in love with just ends up things with no reason just to end up with someone else..?” 

That’s the full stop, that’s the point where you get the facts right and decide whether to be robust enough and pray hard for that relationship to fail so that you get a chance or you just be like everyone else and just give up and find another girl out there to fool with. All in all, you are somehow loosing the battle.. and the winner doesn’t even recognise your presence…

That’s how life is and it’s full of crup, you just need to know what is right to fight for and what is not meant for you… Move on or fight on…

Love haipendangi ujinga...


By Irving Ceol


She sat there smiling back, probably back to him or to herself… A smile that almost got him blushing, but thank God it ain’t that easy to get a man blushing.

He looked at her, at her smile, at her lips, at her beautiful eyes and all that run through his mind was to ask her out, to hold her,hold her closer to his heart and feel her breathing on his long neck.

He longed for her touch, he dint want that moment to be wasted and he decided to approach her, but being a ‘Selfie’ kind of world these days, he used a rather different approach.

“Hi beautiful, am sorry to bother you but can I get the previlage of taking a selfie with you on my phone?”

And she smiled back, “Of cause we can, it would be a pleasure…”

And his heart melted into a viscous philter…


By: Irving Ceol

Coastal sunrise 

She stretched her perfectly rayed hands to make her move, caressing the playful waters splashing back and forth on the rocky banks, oh no, not on the sandy beaches, but on the smooth rocky surfaces, kissing em with love, with tenderness with care but again with sweet roughness.

The beautiful blue waters that seem weak and helpless, bash on the banks with astonishing streanths…The coastal sunrise comes with unmatched beauty,the beautiful morning sun  taking her time to spread her beautiful sunrays on the splashing Indian ocean waters swaying beautifuly as if dancing to salsa tunes…

You gotta love it, you gotta love watching it..

It’s beautiful, it’s amazing, it’s simply awesome…


Hustles of Life

We all want good or better living standards,but are we all ready to do what is necessary in order to secure those kinds of Lifestyles,are we all ready to go an extra mile to just make sure that we all get what it is that we want to have in life, are you ready to work extra hard without prejudice of the kind of job you want to do, or you are that kind of person who wants the best in life but ain’t ready to work for it..

Above is a photo I took in Mombasa of a toutin a matatu, this guy wakes up everyday to hustle, hustling hard for himself and his family, well, he did not choose this job, it probably chose him, and again, he did not say no so are you ready to go an extra mile, to do what you never thought you would ever do.

Be flexible, do all you can if you really want to have the best in life.

Life is full of choices…

Choose wisely.. Live wisely…



While you are out there complaining about being broke and about not being given enough money by your ‘sponsor’ or someone else’s husband for shopping or alcohol or for stupid staff, the wife is somewhere else hustling,breaking her back with hard labour just to make sure her kids go to school coz her husband is busy giving out his money to some young irresponsible girls who only think about themselves and think that life is all about themselves.

Be careful,the law of compensation is real and KARMA is bitter Bitch,what you do to someone will eventually catch up with you and you will get served what you deserve.

Your husband will do the same thing and you will be in unmeasurable pain.


(Photo taken using Gionee F103 pro)